About Cornflower Quilts

I have always loved quilts. I can remember my grandmother cutting apart old clothes and piecing them on the floor to make new quilts. I love the art form. I’ve always loved the patterns on church floors and blocks of colour on a clothesline.

No two quilts are ever alike, even if the same pattern is used. Some people like dying their own fabrics but I love commercial fabrics and taking advantage of all the options in the time I live. I love combining them into bright, happy quilts that could only be made now. I often use traditional patterns but in modern ways.

All of the fabric is 100-percent cotton, both front and back, and the batting is cotton. They can be used as a bedspread, or on a sofa, or hung on a wall.

The cost of a quilt depends on size, how intricate the design is, the denseness of the quilting design and labour involved, if they are machine quilted or I have done it myself.
— Carol Ross Williamson